Mortuary - First Official Pic Online!

The first official pic of Tobe Hooper's latest film "Mortuary" is now online. It shows actor Adam Gierasch and actress Christy Johnson.

When the Fowler family moves to the small town of Arkham, Massachusetts, they plan on starting a new life.

Perhaps a strange choice seeing as that new life takes on the form of running the long abandonded Fowler Brothers Funeral Home. The locals fear the place, and there are whispers around town that the land the home lies on is haunted.

The Fowler family will soon discover that something lurks beneath Arkham. Something that raises rotten corpses from their long forgotten graves and feeds on death itself.

Note: The photo has been removed. The staff of Mortuary emailed to let us know that this is not an official pic and should not have been released. We naturally respect these wishes and have removed the photo.

Please remember that as a fan site we will always respect the wishes of the film maker. So although we encourage you to contribute materials and talk about your favorite films and promote them do so responsibly.

Source: Fangoria

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