Uwe Boll talks Alone in the Dark and future projects

Our colleagues from IGN talked to dirctor Uwe Boll about "Alone in the Dark", "BloodRayne" and future projects like "Dungeon Siege".

Here are a few clips from the interview:

IGNFF: Did you introduce Slater to the game and to elements of the Carnby character?

BOLL: Yeah. He didn't play the game before. He's a big gamer, but he had no idea what "Alone in the Dark" was. So he played the game and he liked that character. I think he brought something into that character, that he's not playing it flat, he adds a little humor. He's a real living person. For example, if you have Keanu Reeves, you have a flat acting in a way and I think Slater brings a little humor in. Slater doesn't look like Edward Carnby, but there is definitely elements in it, that he's always very curious and he's eager to get things done. He tried to bring in some elements that are not visible in the game, to make it a living character.

IGNFF: What are your plans for the DVD of "Alone in the Dark"?

BOLL: We have a lot of additional material. I was even shocked that there was a good shot that I approved in the cut and they removed it after the CGI came in, without telling me. We have a shot where a guy in the loft gets his spine ripped out. This was an interesting shot, because we did it practically, and CGI was only to remove the wires and this shot is not there. There are a few shots I really miss and I will try to bring a few things on the DVD back in.

IGNFF: So, when the reaction for this movie comes out, is that going to pose potential problems for the distribution of "BloodRayne"?

BOLL: No, "BloodRayne" is a different movie, so I don't know what happens with "BloodRayne". Lions Gate wants this movie, so we go from there. Various studios want to see it when it's finished, but it's not finished. So I can do it with Lions Gate again, or I wait and check out what the studios say. So "BloodRayne" has maybe the best cast of a movie based on a videogame. There are like eight names in the movie and not one or two. Who knows? And it's more period piece in a way because it's a vampire movie in the 1700's. So I don't know how they react to it. It's very, very gory. It's really brutal and there is stuff in it, we have a really, really hot sex scene with Lokken where she is completely naked.

IGNFF: Who's in the cast for "Dungeon Siege"?

BOLL: I'm now in front here of ICM, so I will meet at ICM various agents to talk about possible casts. We will need a younger Mel Gibson for the lead and two female leads. We might bring in an Asian actress. We hired Tony Chin. He did "House of Flying Daggers" and "Hero". He is our fight choreographer and he will do our fights, which is a great asset and a great value for this movie. It will be really ass-kicking. We start shooting end of June, we are already in preparation.

You can read the whole interview here.

Source: IGNFF

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