Gary Klar talks Day of the Dead

Gary Klar portrayed Private Steel in George A. Romero's Zombie movie "Day of the Dead". Our friend John from Dead-Central had the chance to ask him a few questions about the experiences he had while filming the movie.

John: How did you come into playing Steel, was it an audition, or did you recieve a call??

Gary: That's very good story, and a lot of people may not know it. Initially my agent sent me to meet George, it was an audition process,in New york City, and I went in to meet George and his wife Christine was know in a the casting office in NY city, and the interesting thing is.....they had me read for Rhodes.

John: How did you develop the character Steele??

Gary: Well, let me tell you a quick story. There was this guy from one of the big papers, he was like a theater critic or film critic. It might have been the Pittsburgh Post Gazette,thats one of the big papers...He says to me,while we were talking during a few minutes between scenes: "How do yu work on Steele?", and I told him, "You have to find something in the character you love.".

You can read the whole interview in D-C's Day of the Dead section here.

Source: Dead Central

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