Army of Darkness Ashes to Ashes

Not many comics interest me now that I am a mature and respectable adult. Ok so maybe not all of that applies to me. But the new Army of Darkness Ashes to Ashes comic is the bomb. Whats it got you ask? Its got some sweet drawings, a great storyline and Bruce Cambpell. Hello can you say Bruce Campbell?

Best part is you dont even have to take my word for it. You can read the first 6 pages of the comic in our Ashes to Ashes Comic Gallery Best part is you can get a copy autographed by the man Bruce Cambpell. You can also download a PDF version here The official site says

DF continues to bring you the best in signed collectibles and this time we've struck gold!

We're extremely proud to present actor Bruce Campbell's first ever signing with DF! And he's not just signing any ol' comic! He's signing the very first issue of Army of Darkness! And not just any ol' issue of Army of Darkness this is the limited Retailer Thank You cover for issue #1 by Nick Bradshaw! Impossible to find as it was never released to the public for sale!

Each copy is sealed (archival bag and board) and features a numbered certificate of authenticity!

Its some good stuff! You can buy autographed copies here. If you do PLEASE buy me one as well :) I will be forever your friend. Or at least for the rest of the week. For the record we dont get paid for things like this. Its my pleasure to plug a work with Bruce in it.

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