Exclusive Interview Tobe Hoopers Mortuary

Christy Johnson from Tobe Hoopers upcoming Mortuary took some time to answer some questions about the film.and here they are in all their glory.

Tell us About yourself and your work in this film.

I have a BA in Theatre from UNC-G, and I will complete my MA in May.  I have a strong background in musical theatre.  This is my first major film.  All of my other films have been indies and student films, except that I was a featured extra in the "National Lampoon's The Trouble With Frank" as a skater girl on one of Bon Jovi's teams.

I am also the lead singer for the band "The Arrival", and a gold medalist in the National Junior Olympics in two sports.

I played Dotty in "Mortuary".  She originally appears as a stiff, but comes to life while getting her arm sewed back on.  I had a wonderful time working on the film, and all of the cast and crew were excellent to work with.

Tell us about the film, what its all about.

It begins with a family (a mother, son, and daughter) that move to the small town of Arkham, Massachusetts in order to start a new life.  They move into and take over the business of the abandoned Fowler Brothers Funeral Home, that most of locals fear is haunted.  Just when they start getting business, and making friends, weird things start happening.

There is something that is lurking beneath the town that raises rotten corpses from their graves, as well as the freshly dead bodies sent to the home.  It begins to take over the town with a disgusting blue-green ooze and seems to embody the living.

It seems to feed on death itself.  Only those not yet affected by it can try to defeat it.  Everyone else is one of them.

More importantly what was it like working with the director?

It was so incredible working with Tobe Hooper.  I am a huge fan of his films, and to be in one of them is a dream come true.  He allows the actor to experiment with the role, and is quick to praise a job well done.

He is very easy to work with, and a delightful person to be around.  It was especially fun that one of my shoot days was his birthday, and the whole cast and crew celebrated.

What do you think fans of horror films will most enjoy in the film?

This story is incredibly awesome.  Fans of all ages will enjoy the use of this gooey blue-green ooze that should prove to be an excellent visual for the film.  They’ll also enjoy falling in love with the characters, just to watch some of them forced to turn on each other.  They will also particularly like the ending, but they’ll have to watch the film to find out what that is.

And most importantly how on earth did you make looking dead, look so good?

I owe all of that to Dean Jones and Starr Jones for their incredible special effects prosthetics.  I went through six hours of makeup a day, but it was worth it for the final product.  They are a huge part of what makes this film great.

Thanks to Christy for sending us this... and be sure to check her out in Mortuary.

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