Is the Exorcist on the Remake Hit List?

Here's another film that looks to be added to the potential list of remakes or shall we say "re-imaging".  Personally, I have to say "Why?"  I'm one that is usually for remakes, but some films just don't need to be remade.  Here's what's being said about "The Exorcist" remake:

"Hey! I've got some exciting new information for you straight from Warner Brothers studios concerning a possible remake of 1973's "The Exorcist"! The proposed idea is being spearheaded by Warner Brothers and Rogue Pictures (who recently produced "Seed of Chucky) and is looking to star Dakota Fanning and possibly Gary Oldman in a major role. A first draft has already been penned by Jim Cash ("Anaconda").

The project is said to be more of a "reimagining" than a remake, but audiences can expect the same fright factor as the previous Exorcist films.

If everything goes as planned, production could start as soon as Marchof this year. That's about all I can give you for now, hopefullywithin the next couple of weeks there will be some sort of official press release."

Just taking this as a "huge" rumor for now, but if we hear anything new - you can bet we'll bring it to you.

Source: Creature Corner

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