Tobe Hoopers Mortuary Official Site

Tobe Hooper Mortuary is the latest from the master of horror. Today was doing some looking after getting an email from one of their staff and stumbled on their website. The official website is a very snazzy site. I find most movie sites to be a bit below par, but just like Tobe's movies looks like his websites are no exception.

Mortuary begins with a family (a mother, son, and daughter) that move to the small town of Arkham, Massachusetts in order to start a new life.  They move into and take over the business of the abandoned Fowler Brothers Funeral Home, that most of locals fear is haunted.  Just when they start getting business, and making friends, weird things start happening.

There is something that is lurking beneath the town that raises rotten corpses from their graves, as well as the freshly dead bodies sent to the home.  It begins to take over the town with a disgusting blue-green ooze and seems to embody the living.  It seems to feed on death itself.  Only those not yet affected by it can try to defeat it.  Everyone else is one of them.

Check out the official site and snoop around, there is some great stuff on it. When Mortuary hits the street we will let you know. There is no doubt that Mr. Hooper will deliver us another true horror film.

For those of you who are big Tobe Hooper fans The Toolbox Murders DVD will be available for purchase on March 18, 2005.

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