Tom Towles talks Night of the Living Dead Remake

Tom Towles portrayed  Harry Cooper in Tom Savini's 1990 remake of the original George A. Romero movie "Night of the Living Dead". Our friend John from Dead-Central now had the chance to ask him a few questions about the experiences he had while filming Tom Savini's "Night of the living Dead".

Here are a few clips from the interview:

John:  I've heard tell that Tom Savini is very serious when directing, but he likes to clown around, are there any funny things on the set that you can tell us about??

Tom: After 15 years all I can remember is the fun I had with the people and that's just an over all general feeling. I had a great time, in spite of the anxiety and nervousness and the tension that comes from working 12-14 hours a day in not the best physical circumstances, I had a fun time.

John:  I know every actor is different and many research their roles in different ways, how did you prepare yourself to play this role?

Tom: I just read the script, I listened to Tom. I've always believed that it's the director's vision that will bring this thing to fruition.

I figure that this guy is one way and if we agreed on it, then that's the way we went. If we disagreed, we went with his choice. The research on something like this is purely based on experience, "What have I experienced that parallels what I see in this, what do I need to understand about this guy? What has been experience in the situation from either side of the process?" If I have ever had any of his negativity directed towards me, then I assume  that individuals point of view, not my own. Then you go back to what drives people to act like this and structure it from there.

You can read the whole interview in Dead-Central's NOTLD90 section here.

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