Breakfast Of Imbeciles - New Indie Horror Movie

Today we added "Breakfast Of Imbeciles" to our database. The movie was directed by the husband and wife team Colin and Heidi Burrowes.

The Story: 4 mildly intelligent, that's being very generous with that analysis, rock n rollers trying to make it to a gig at another dead end club, 6 socially retarded misfits, and one small deity all collide for a strange gathering in a rural farmhouse.

A twisted tale of sinners sinning, suffering, and paying their dues. A hectic road trip in an autistic automible.

How about some blasting rock n roll songs, and a few mysterious Zombies for good measure all compressed into far too short of a time. Not enough for you huh? Crucifixion more your thing. Well the movie provides one of those as well.

Lofi gore effects prevail in this fun and frantic little film. Grade B prime cut!

Here's a review from the program for the Tromanale Independent Film Festival in Berlin:

"A go-nowhere rock band meet 6 social retards in a mish-mash of sin and penance. A sort of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" meets typical "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" morality tale, this film is a tromatastic home movie all the way from sunny Canada! Special Troma treats include the utterly bizarre roadside freak out, the "let's get the hell outta here!" splatter finale and that authentic no budget "I can't hear a word they're saying" sound mix. I say RECOGNISE! they made their own goddamn movie!"

You can check out the official site and the trailer at the link below:

Breakfast Of Imbeciles Official Site

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