Bruce Campbell's Alien Apocalypse

I thought Bruce Campbell fans may like this.   "Alien Apocalypse", a Sci-Fi orginal picture starring Bruce Campbell and Renne O' Conner is scheduled to premeire March 26, 2005, at 9 pm (est) on the Sci-Fi channel.  Here's what Bruce Campbell had to say about "Alien Apocalypse"

"Written and directed by old pal Josh Becker (Running Time), Alien Apocalypse is the story of a manned probe that returns to Earth to discover the planet has been invaded and the people enslaved by awful exraterrestrial termites, feeding off our dwindling forests. Together with fellow Xena-alum Renee O'Connor, Bruce rallies humanity and rebels against the lumber-munching masters.

"Think Spartacus with aliens."

Sounds good - I'm there.

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