The Devils Rejects - Website Update

I just got the current "Rejects Newsletter" that gives the latest updates on the website and film for Rob Zombies "The Devils Rejects", and I thought it would be cool to pass it on to our readers - informing them of the latest happenings.

Here's what the newsletter had to say:

"Since the last newsletter you'll find a section devoted to the legendary Otis B. Driftwood, a natural born killer if there ever was one. Not only does this biography flesh out his nefarious life, but it gives you some details and facts that have not previously been in either print or film. Otis is definitely not cleared for delicate sensibilities, so for that reason you’ll encounter D.R.A.G., the Devil’s Rejects Age Gate. The approved way to get the goods you can’t read about anywhere else.

Otis has also provided us with a nice little photo gallery of his candid snapshots. Read below to find out what we’ve added this week, and be sure to check out the message board, that place has taken on a life of its own, with lots of weird characters posting there."

Baby's Bio - Yes, it’s finally here, the biography of Baby. The youngest of the Firefly clan, but not by any means the least vicious. She has an interesting past, and hanging out with the Devil’s Rejects gives her an even more interesting future.

Firefly Evidence - The Ruggsville Sheriff’s station led by Sheriff Wydell has assembled a substantial dossier of evidence on the Firefly reign of violence. This evidence comes from the Firefly’s own scrapbook, be careful, there is some pretty grisly stuff in there.

Coming Soon - On the Devil's Rejects site is a biography of the notorious Captain Spaulding, and a closer look at the revenge-driven Sheriff Wydell than you might be comfortable with."

As soon as any new updates happen, you can be sure we'll pass the info on to you - till then, you can see what's new by checking out the official site for "The Devils Rejects" here. 


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