Gavin's Kill Bill Volume 1 Review

I'd highly recommend this movie to everyone! It is one of the best movies ive ever seen and is perfect for anyone who likes sword-fighting slamming action mixed with extreme humour. This is one of Uma Thurman's best films; her talents are absolutely superb, and Lucy Liu was amazing as the villain.

The movie is more or less about revenge, killing and death. After The Bride (Uma Thurman) leaves her place as a member in a squad of international assassins, they gun her down! After receiving a bullet in the head from her master, Bill (David Caradine) she gets put into a coma for five years, and then reawakens with a vengeance to kill the assassins who betrayed her, and last but not least, to Kill Bill!

 This movie is rated R for strong bloody violence, moderate coarse language, and some sexual references. But personally I dont think this movie is inappropriate for teens, say 14 and upwards. It's not one of those chilling horror movies that will haunt a child's mind, or prevent them from sleeping. It's just action, humour and fun! If I had to rate this movie, id say MA, not R.

The only slight problems is that one part of the movie (the very explicit part) is animated, and it doesnt seem as good. And some of the violence is black and white, instead of pure colour. Thats a bust as well. With that slight fix, as well as the blood maybe being a bit over-rated, I'd give Kill Bill a well-earned 10/10. Tarantino - you've done it again!

Review by Gavin

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