J.R. Bookwalter talks The Dead Next Door DVD and more

Our friend AJ from Undead Films had the chance to ask director J.R. Bookwalter a few questions. Over fifty Super-8mm short films followed before his high school graduation in 1984, after which Bookwalter took photography classes at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. When his apartment was robbed a week into his second year there, the fledgling director took it as a sign to return home, and a mere month later he touched base with filmmaker Sam Raimi ("The Evil Dead"), who would wind up financing his first feature-length effort, THE DEAD NEXT DOOR.

Here are a few clips from the interview:

I have heard some directors say how they hate their film once they are done because they think of new and better ways to do things, do you feel this at all with The Dead Next Door or any of your other films?

I'd be lying if I said I didn't hate a lot of thing about THE DEAD NEXT DOOR...it's sort of painful for me to watch it because all I see are the flaws. I've corrected a few of the things that nagged me with the remastered edition...the titles aren't quite so cheesy-looking now, for instance. But the spirit of the movie is most definitely still there. I'm never truly happy with anything I've done, but I think this is true of most creative people...I think maybe it's not a good thing to be too happy with your work because you only learn and grow by embracing your mistakes. So I'm usually happy with something for a short time after it's all done, then eventually I go into the self-loathing mode and that lasts until I make a new movie. (laughs)

We see that DND is being released on DVD this August, what kind of stuff can you tell us about this (extras, commentary, etc.)

Not only is it finally coming to DVD, but from Anchor Bay! I have to tell you, it's a rare career thrill for me. I'm a huge DVD collector and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled that Anchor Bay approached me about doing this...I mean, here's my little flick alongside such classics as HALLOWEEN, THE EVIL DEAD, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, DAWN OF THE DEAD...it's quite exciting.

You can read the complete interview here.

Source: Undead Films

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