Land of the Dead : Counting on Fans!

Well today we got an email from the PR people at Universal and they were saying thanks for the promotion. I gotta say thanks to Universal and George Romero for an awesome movie. As fans we all have a direct responsibility in making this movie Land of the Dead, a smash hit. With the number of readers on this site, and the number of Romero fans in general their is no reason we can not do this.

The fact that Universal appreciates you guys, and your eagerness is a good sign. We already know that George Romero loves his fans, and always does right by them, but it is a very good sign when the studio PR department also cares.

So keep planning your Land of the Dead schemes.... and be sure and share them on our Land of the Dead Forum. Are you handing out home made zombie posters promoting Land of the Dead? Are you gathering family, siblings and friends to hit the theatres and buy tickets in October? Are you running around biting people and moaning? ( ok dont do that last one)

In all seriousness Land of the Dead cometh in October and we as fans need to give Romero his thank you by making his first really big zombie movie in theatres blow up. So post your ideas, chat with fellow zombie fans on the site, and just in general have fun talking about Romero and his films.

On another note did we mention that Mr. Romero's official site just got updated? its looking spiffy and most importantly it has a shop... nothing in it yet, but just imagine all the great loot you will be able to buy once its running. We will keep you informed on his site as well as the Land of the Dead. As always if you have something to add just drop us a line, lets all work together and bring land of the dead to the masses....

With that I have to go get a shotgun and some shells some bugger keeps groaning and tapping on my window! And know its not Rene(MacReady) the site editor.

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