Final Destination 3 Filming Date & Comic

Final Destination 3 ( or 3D depending where you read about it) will begin filming on March 21st and is expected to wrap on June 9th. Under the direction of James Wong and Glen Morgan. Both of whom worked on the first film.

The expected big opening to the movie is an Ill fated Roller Coaster.In other FD news

Publisher Black Flame will be releasing 4  Final Destination books.  They  will not follow any of the films and are seperate stories.

Final Destination #1: Dead Reckoning :The lead guitarist of an all-girl rock band predicts the destruction of the club they're about to play in. A
handful of survivors escape death only for the Grim Reaper to pick them off one by one

Final Destination #2: Destination Zero: A journalist discovers that a Victorian England relation of hers escaped from the clutches of Jack the
Ripper, and ultimately, Death itself. Now Patti Fuller must learn how to cheat Death too, by finding out how her great-great-grandmother did it all those years ago

Final Destination #3: End of the Line: An international group of students are in New York on a cultural exchange. They've been promised the trip of a  lifetime. But what they don't realize is that it might just be the last trip they ever take

Lastly is Final Destination: Dead Mans Hand : Which currently has no plot available.

Will be interesting to see how well the  action of the films will  work in a book format.  Black Flame are  also releasing  other tirles based on New Line Films, including A Nightmare on Elm Street,Friday the 13th and Jason X.

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