RUE MORGUE Magazine Presents One Missed Call

Our friends at Rue Morgue are doing an exclusive early Screening of One Missed Call on Thursday, February 17, 2005 @ 9:30 PM exclusively at The Bloor Cinema 506 Bloor Street West – Toronto, Canada. Tickets are available at the door!

One Missed Call brings together two of the hottest things happening in Asian cinema: renegade director Takashi (Ichi The Killer, Audition) Miike and the post-millennial horror wave of The Eye, The Ring and The Grudge. What results is one of Miike’s most satisfying commercial – but still bizarre – filmmaking efforts.

College student Yumi finds her friends dying around her in increasingly mysterious ways. The connection: each received a phone call from themselves three days in the future, at the exact moment of their deaths.

Miike strains this premise through his weird brain to come up with a hybrid horror movie that grafts philosophy, touching sentiment, pitch black humour and social critique onto what initially seems to be a mere genre exercise. Join us for this one-off screening of this yet-to-be released gem that introduces eerie ghosts and subtle chills into Miike’s stylishly original world of shocking cruelty.

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