They Live DVD Review

I picked up They Live which is an old classic on dvd and thought what the hell, other then sitting typing news and throwing eraser ends at MacReady I had nothing better to do. The basic premise of They live is that the world has been taken over by Aliens that have teamed up with the elite and rich and are somehow taking advantage of the poor and middle class.  So its basically the world as we know it now. Ok anyways, Roddy Roddy Piper the wrestler stars in this movie and is the best actor by far. You gotta give props to Roddy for playing a great action character, with lots of canned lines, that come across ok.

So the Aliens as I mentioned look just like us humans unless you put on these spiff-tastic glasses and then you can see the aliens. The fx are dated of course but still they work.   The glasses also enable you to see the subliminal messages on TV, and on SIGNS urging you to not have independent thought, obey, consume, money is your god, etc. An interesting premise that is done quite well.The story is very well written and the poor acting does not draw away from it. When you compare to most modern mainstream horror movies, They Live gets an easy extra 3 points right there.. Being directed by John Carpenter I dont really have to say much more. John Carpenter kicks ass and I have bought many of his movies just on the basis he directed it.

The action scenes in the movie are corny but I loved it. I guess I like corn in my movies, as well as my beef. I loved the scene where Roddy  goes tearing into the tv studio with a gun and everybody just sort of stares and breathes heavy. Then when the station security shows up they start screaming, yelling and fallling all over. Classic cornball scene! I loved it.. You might not.

The most memorable scene in this entire movie is where Roddy has to get his buddy to wear the sun glasses and see the aliens. He objects to this quite violently, for some reason we dont know. Maybe the sun glasses didnt go well with his pants, I dont know. Any rate it results in one of the best on scene brawls you will ever see. Is it well choreographed? Umm no. Is it realistic? Ummm no.

Is it funny as all hell and full of corn ? Hell yes! Did I love the cheesy 15min brawl about wearing sun glasses? Yes, yes I did. In fact I will most likely watch it again tonight. This fight went on for at least 10-15minutes. When you thought it was finally over it was on again with lots of great moves like the left handed pantsy slap, and the MacReady Knee Groin (thats the only move MacReady knows by the way).

I should probably add that last week I kicked deadmanwalkin's ass for not wearing my hat in to work. What I was trying to show him was that if he wore this magical black hat I have that the tin foil liner will prevent the readers of MoviesOnline from also reading his thougts. We had a 25minute street brawl with all kinds of great kung fu moves that we made up on the spot. Why? Because if its good enough for Roddy Roddy Piper, its good enough for me. Next time I might tape it and share it with you all.

So at anyrate, this movie is a great one for fans of Sci-Fi and John Carpenter. I give it an 8 / 10. The movie would have gotten a 7 but for the awesome ending. Roddy gets himself blown to pieces by a machine gun, and his last dieing move is not to grimace, not to cry out, but to flip the bird... yeah baby!!! die like a man!

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