Cube 2 : Hypercube Movie Review

What utter rubbish. The time is now 12:24, and I've been awake since 8am trying to find SOMEONE online that knows what the hell the ending is about. Having said that, the films concept and potential is awesome. When 8 strangers awake, to find themselves in a four dimensional cube and they "... quickly realise that their survival is dependant on unlocking the secrets of the Hypercube". Or thats what the trailer says. In reality (Or alternate reality - whatever) nothing is explained or explored.

As the story goes on, the only link between the people are that they all had something to do with the making of the Hypercube. So? Who cares ? Once the charcaters find out theyre all something to do with its construction, the dialogue is predictable and the same throughout: Shout "...And you didnt think to tell me this earlier?" *insert awkward silence* then forget about it. And as for the peoples survival? I remember about two people that were "indeffinately" killed by the 'cube, (but don't worry kids - they weren't really, they still existed in all the other alternate realities)... the rest of them were killed by a crazed guy in a leather jacket with a switch blade. C'mon guys ! At least enhance the effects and give himn a chainsaw.... As the ending - whats that about ??

I was sat, awaiting, some deep... clever theory on where they were, how the cube came to be, or even just the revilation that in fact they were inside an alien gameshow. But no. We were left with the puzzling dialogue: "Have you got the divice?" "Yes". What device?! Where?! What did I miss something... or was this divice never ever mentioned ANYWHERE thoughtout the film?! It had so much potential, and wasted it all so much. It tried to be deep, and clever... so deep, and so clever in fact that they seemed to forget what the story was meant to be about anyway.

Some people say the directors lost their way, others say they became too obsessed with special effects and just decided to ignore the plot. Others, (like me) say "I want my money back".


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