Sin City - Revell and Debney making the score

According to MusicFromTheMovies, director Robert Rodriguez has hired John Debney and Graeme Revell tomake the music for Rodriquez's upcoming movie "Sin City". The two will be scoring different segments of the film in collaboration with Rodriguez.

John Debney and Graeme Revell both worked together with Rodriguez before. Debney and the director together for the score of the "Spy kids" movies. Revell made the score for the Vampire movie "From Dusk till Dawn".

Frank Miller wrote the graphic novel series that inspired the film. The film will comprise three intertwining vignettes revolving around a dark set of characters who call the fictional corrupt town home. The titles that the movie will loosely follow are "The Hard Good Bye" (renamed from simply 'Sin City'), "The Big Fat Kill", and "That Yellow Bastard".

Source: Movie Infos (German Partner Site)

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