Land of the Dead Big Daddy Concept Art

You know why Land of the Dead is #1 on our site? Because you guys put it there. The fan art you all do is friggin great to. Today i got a cool sketch of Big Daddy based off of the movie script... here is what the email said.


I've Been keeping up to date with the goings on of "Land of the Dead" by checking out your site, good job. I was the one who designed the first fan art poster you added to your Land of the Dead gallery section ( the one that reads Land of the Living Dead ).
Just thought that I would send you a sketch I did based on Romero's screenplay. It's my vision of how Romero's zombie trio could look on the big screen. We got "# 9" and "The Butcher" lead by "Big Daddy".
Check out the image below, and click on it to see the larger version. As always you can discuss this on our Land of the Dead forums. If you got something to send in then get on it! Keep us in the loop. Also you can see Spliff-Intron's original poster which kicks ass by clicking the image. 

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