Alter Ego Cinema, moves into Feature Films

Alter Ego Cinema has moved from award-winning short films and music videos and into the feature film category. Their first feature,  AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER, has just been completed and they are currently in post-production of REALITY SUCKS and THE MORE THE BETTER.

Alter Ego was formed by a group of high school and college kids looking to get their movies made and exposed. They have truely succeeded in the past 2 years with more than 50 film festival screenings, 10+ awards, rave reviews by critics and audiences world-wide, invites to film festivals and most recently, 2 of their films made the Best of 2004 film list over at Film Threat.

They are currently looking into securing distribution and possibly a small theatrical release of AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER and BIG BOOBS, BLONDE BABES, BAD BLOOD (a 2-hour retrospective on underground, short filmmaking) directed by 18 year old Danielle Morgan
and 24 year old Shane Ryan who was 19-21 years old when he shot most of the short films covered in BAD BLOOD.

AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER, also directed by Ryan, stars Michiko Jimenez (of the short film THE COLD HEAT) as a girl seduced into making a porn film by an all-American looking, Ted Bundy-charm type serial killer.

REALITY SUCKS, directed by Rob Crew and brothers Jeremy Williams and Shane Ryan, is about out-of-work actors and filmmakers who rage war on the reality shows that have taken their jobs. The film is currently finishing up production.

And THE MORE THE BETTER, directed by Shane Ryan and Jessie Amos, which stars Will Davis and Cheryl Daro, is currently in post-production. The film follows 4 couples, all seeking to loose their virginity in the same night.

Keep an eye out for these films, as they are currently seeking more outlets for them.

What's next? The ultra-violent/sexploitative romantic feature film ROMANCE ROAD KILLERS by Shane Ryan. Hopefully they'll be able to secure a bigger budget than all of their past films.

You can visit their site at where many of their films can be viewed online.

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