Halloween Writer-Producer Dies at Age 54


 It's always sad to hear news of someone passing away, and I regret that I have to bring the sad news of "Halloween" writer and prodcer, Debra Hill has passed away at the age of 54.

Here's some of  what USA Today had to say:

"Debra Hill, who co-wrote the horror classic Halloween and was one of Hollywood's pioneering woman producers, died Monday, according to a family friend. She was 54.

The friend, Barbara Ligeti, said more information would be made available later Monday.

Hill's big break came in horror films when she and director John Carpenter co-wrote the genre's modern classic, Halloween.

The 1979 film, also directed by Carpenter and produced by Hill, starred a 20-year-old Jamie Lee Curtis as the baby sitter terrorized by a murderous psychopath. Made on a modest $300,000 budget, it grossed $60 million worldwide, a record for an independent movie at the time, and launched a seemingly endless chain of sequels.

Hill, Carpenter and Curtis returned for Halloween II, and Hill and Carpenter were involved in the writing of several later sequels, including Halloween: Resurrection,Halloween 5 and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. A Halloween 9, also written by Hill and Carpenter, is reported by the Internet Movie Database to be in production."

You can read the rest of the article here, Rest in Peace Debra, the horror community, as a whole is sadden by your loss.

Source: USA Today



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