Spring Break Shark Attack - Coming to CBS

If the deadman ever had a soft spot for a certain type of "horror movie", it would have to be the ones with a killer shark in them.  I can't help it.  I know 99% of them are bad.. but if it's a killer shark film - I'm there!  And on March 20, 2005 at 9pm (est/pst), my ass will be on the couch and tuned in to CBS.  Why you say?  Cause I'm watching "Spring Break Shark Attack" my friends.. "OH HELL YEAH!"

Shannon Lucio ("The O.C.,"), Justin Baldoni ("Wedding Daze,"), Riley Smith ("New York Minute"), Bianca Lishansky and Genevieve Howard star in a thriller about the invasion of a group of killer sharks on the Florida coast as a beach full of swimsuit-clad co-eds enjoy their spring break from school.

Mark your calendars killer shark fans, cause this looks to be pretty cool.  

Source: Fangoria


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