Lieberman Talks Blue Sunshine Remake


Now "Blue Sunshine" freaked me out as a kid.  Basically the film is about "A group of college kids who took some experimental LSD suffer the side effects ten years later. One by one, their hair falls out and they go into a homicidal psychotic state of mind."

Now, almost 30 years later, Blue Sunshine is looking to be remade with director  Peter Webber behind the camera, and here is what Jeff Lieberman (orginal director) had to say:

"MGM optioned the remake rights to BLUE SUNSHINE, and Peter just closed his end of the deal.  "I met him about it and he seems bright and sharp. I saw GIRL WITH THE PEARL EARRING, and it is like apples and oranges, of course - a totally different film from BLUE SUNSHINE. I wish him all the best, and I hope he does a good job. His ideas of how to handle it are excellent." Speaking a little about what these "ideas" are, Lieberman reveals, "I donít know if it is going to be set in contemporary times, but I believe it is going to deal with the designer drugs of 10 years ago - the club drugs - and it turns out that they have a delayed reaction. It will follow a similar story to the original."

Source: Fangoria



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