A Positive French Review for Shallow Ground


It's not hard to believe that "Shallow Ground" has received one positive review after another, just from what Iíve seen (trailer/pics) this movie looks "kick ass", but what is surprising is that the following positive review for this film was from a showing at the Gerardmer Film Festival in France Ė the French donít like anything! So you know this movie is going to rock!

Hereís the review:

"Don't look any further, the festival may well have in SHALLOW GROUND a rare find that the official selection is cruelly lacking. SHALLOW GROUND succeeds as a tour de force in combining without any false note various

It starts as a very pleasing horrific thriller with a whodunit as a bonus and then slowly steers into pure fantastique with generous gore at the end.

Miles away from the usual sound and visual effects of which the festival is generally the unhappy spokesman, SHALLOW GROUND surprises by its narrative fluidity, a gallery of original characters ( We are happy to rediscover Stan Kirsch of HIGHLANDER) and mainly a very original use of blood of which the bloody boy is the perfect icon."

Man, I canít wait to see this film. A special thanks to William Mendel/ Executive Producer for "Shallow Ground" for sending us this review.

Shallow Ground is scheduled to be released in theaters in the UK on June 10, 2005 and will be released on DVD in the US on June 25, 2005.

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