Versus Movie Review - Prepare for Action

There are 666 portals that connect this world to the other side, and they are concealed from all human beings. Somewhere in Japan exists the 444th portal... the Forest of Resurrection.

     At the start of "Versus," we do not know who to root for, who to boo, or to hiss. We do not know why Prisoner KSC2-303 is on the run, nor do we know what his captors want with him. We do not know if he is dealing with corrupt authorities or with cagey mobsters. This is a world of what the viewer is never told at the start of this kinetic action flick. What we do know, though, is to abandon our expectations. "Versus" doesn't bother to stop and explain, so you shouldn't wait for it to do so.

     Prisoner KSC2-303 soon escapes his menacing captors by fleeing into a dark forest, armed with a gun and a willingness to save himself by any means necessary. As it turns out, he will need it in the Forest of Resurrection, where a cadre of seemingly unrelated criminals, mobsters, monsters and vampires will wage the world's greatest battle. Can he get out alive? Or will he find his destiny in the Forest of Resurrection?

     "Versus" is a deliriously ridiculous film, regardless of whether its impossibly convoluted story has anything on its mind or not. Characters fly, punch and kick at each other before learning names or identities, believing completely that there is a reason for it. Some carry guns, others carry swords. What has drawn them together is the power of the Forest.

     Yes, that's quite the skimpy premise, but if you can make any more sense of this, you are truly a movie marvel. Bullets and fists attack with gory frequency, making sure the pace never slows, and characters endlessly pose and fawn as they blow away baddies. It's a video game of a film, and for that matter, it simply is not for everyone. However, if you LOVE fighting and you LOVE fantasy, "Versus" will be too intoxicating to resist.

- Gabe Toro

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