New Indie Horror Film - Darkest Hour

Several years ago, a sleepy Pacific Northwest town was terrorized by a skull-faced maniac with a thirst for blood.

It seemed no man, woman or child was safe from the North Bend Reaper, a crafty serial killer who became infamous for stealing patches of clothing from his bloodied victims.

 Despite a massive manhunt, the Reaper was never found.

Fast forward to the present – a group of actors try to cash in on the town’s notoriety by hosting an interactive murder mystery party based on the unsolved killings.

After isolating their guests at an abandoned summer camp, they come to the terrifying conclusion that someone in their midst is killing them off one by one….

Has someone chosen to continue the North Bend Reaper’s bloody legacy? Or has the Reaper himself come back for one last dance with death?

I love it when I come across one of  these "independent horror gems".   Darkest Hour is a slasher flick, which I'm sure is pretty much like all they others (they basically use the same formula) - you have your masked killer, group of unaware, young adults, hot chicks, blood and more blood.. but you know what?  I love it and I want to see it NOW!

Horror fans and especially slasher fans need to check this film out.  You can visit the official site here and well as watch the trailer here.

Remember - "Darkest Hour".  You heard it here first.


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