Eli Roth explains Hostel

The guys over at Dread Central heard from Eli Roth about what his next film, Hostel, is all about. Roth also talked about what is happening with his other film "Bad Seed". Here is a clip of what he told Dread Central.

"'Bad Seed' is moving ahead very quickly, I'm just waiting on the draft which Brian Nelson ('Hard Candy') is working on," Roth tells us. "It should be done by early spring."

As for Hostel: "I wanted to sneak in another down and dirty ultra-violent horror film, one that would be very different from 'Cabin Fever,' both in tone and scale. This film is going to be much, much scarier and more complex. I wanted to make a Takashi Miike-style horror film, like 'Audition.' Screen Gems has already picked it up for distribution and KNB will of course be doing the make up FX."

Principal photography on the production will begin in Europe two weeks from now. The film is said to follow a group of backpackers and the terror they face.

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