Schrader's Exorcist Unleashed

Before Renny Harlins prequel Exorcist: The Begining was released there was another prequel filmed by Paul Schrader. Morgan Creek did not approve of Schraders so they hired Renny Harlin to come in and reshoot the entire film. Well, soon Schrader will have his day. His film will be shown on March 18th at the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film. Here is a small clip from the article that I found to be completely true.

"Everything is now so driven by CGI and gore, rather than suspense and storytelling. And so, it makes it kind of hard to get a good suspenseful story going, because you are competing with people who are throwing heavy metal instruments at the viewer from the moment the movie starts."

The article really gives you an indepth view of what its like to be a director. A lot of us assume that you just go in and direct people but there is alot more behind it than that. Alot of times you have to deal with producers who want the film exactly the way they envision it. That is one of the reasons Romero hasn't directed a big budget film til now. Anyway you can read the full article here

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