The Tooth Fairy - New Horror Film in the Works


It's a good thing these types of movies were never around when I was a kid, cause I'd have a lot of "lost teeth" glued back on.  And for those of you who didn't get enough of your evil tooth fairy fix with the likes of "Darkness Falls" - then your in luck because principal photography is begining this June on an "old" yet "new" horror film - "The Tooth Fairy."

Why did I say "old" yet "new". Well Dread Central explains it like this: "Steven Cannell went to court with all the parties involved on Darkness Falls in 2003 citing remarkable similarities in plot and character between a screenplay he created, aptly titled The Tooth Fairy, and what ultimately became Falls. The case was settled amicably, "We continued to hold the rights to the script and the character we created the evil tooth fairy, and the rights were just purchased by him."

Now how do you think this film will stack up to Darkness Falls, cause you know people are going to compare the two, here's what Steven had to say about that:  It's gonna be a lot more fun and play a lot more like 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' meets 'Psycho.'"  "It's gonna be much more contained."  "Low budget and kind've more '80s-style horror."

Sounds pretty cool to me.  *check teeth to make sure none are loose*


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