The Freddy Guide - An Interview with Robert Englund


Bob Bankard was cool enough to email us and let us know that he has an "indepth" interview with "The Man of your Dreams" Robert Englund at his site. 

The interview is a great read, and a must for all Freddy/Englund fans.  Below are some of the highlights:

Q. Of course, the next question has to be about Freddy Kruger. I understand that just a few weeks ago you went in to speak to New Line about future possible "Nightmare" films. Did anything come of that?

Actually, Jeff Katz is doing this huge new project right now, and he was sort of the person I was going to talk to there. But hes doing this big thing over at New Line. I need five minutes with those guys, because I have two ideas, now that I know were not doing "Freddy versus Jason versus Ash" now, because theyre re-making "Evil Dead." So that looks to me to be out of the loop now.

But if they are considering another Freddy versus Jason, I do have a couple of ideas. One is an old one, but I want to re-pitch it. It does require a major star to come out of retirement well not retirement, but to OK it and come onboard, because it wont work without her.

Q. I know the one youre talking about. Jamie Lee Curtis.

Yeah shes doing family films now, and she may not want to do it. But the way its conceived it would be a hell of an acting chore for her, because she get to do sort of a rehab/recovery performance, and it would be really fun.

Q. And in the end, she could pull a Sigourney Weaver and really kick some butt.

Yeah exactly! You could imagine, just see that whole arc of the character, from being damaged and addled and weak, then getting your strength back, you know, its that great old thing, the gunfighter who loses their courage. But you have this character that has the knowledge of evil then, and when theyre brought back into the fray and my idea is to couple her with a strong stepdaughter or daughter, so you have female heroines, which is that great "Niightmare on Elm Street" thematic thing, except this time you have double the fun. This time you have two of em going against two or three monsters; it makes it a little more even than just having Heather Langenkamp up against a squad of monsters.

Q. (Laughter) So, what would be your second one? Or cant you tell?

Well, my second one, and hes another actor I love, and Im just such a big fan of this guy, but wed have to sit down and talk. I would love to see Tony Todd involved. I think that might be a real idea.

Q. Candyman. That would be pretty great.

Yeah wed really be able to open the door to surrealism, then. Whereas, if you use someone like Micheal Meyers, hes not that different. He has a different goal, but hes not that different from Jason. But if you get someone like Candyman, now you really open the world to some surrealism in horror, and really go somewhere strange.

You can read the rest of this awesome interview here.

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