Exorcist: The Beginning - Watch a clip of Schraders Version

As we all know, Paul Schrader made entertainment headlines by being fired from "Exorcist: Dominion", a prequel to "The Exorcist", after the film was completed, because the production company, Morgan Creek/Warner Brothers did not like the way he had directed it. The film was completely reshot, with Renny Harlin directing and released as "Exorcist: The Beginning".

Paul Schrader's version will be shown at the 23rd "Festival Intenationnal du Film Fantastique de Bruxelles" in Belgium, on the 18th of March.

You now can watch a clip from the opening of Schrader's movie, in which Father Merrin is priest in an European village (during the Nazi regime) and is forced by a Nazi Lieutenant to choose some of his communitiy members to be killed.

To watch the Windows Media clip, just click at the links below:

Clip Low     Clip Med     Clip High

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