Madmen's Dreams - Now Available for Preorder

Just got a email from our friends over at Permuted Press letting us know that Eric Brown/D. Richard Pearce's new book "Madmen's Dreams" is now available for pre-order over at Barnes & (here).

"Aliens... Angels... Demons... Zombies... Ancient Evils... Modern Horrors... These are MADMEN'S DREAMS. Eric S. Brown and D. Richard Pearce present a deranged collection of 34 horror and sci-fi tales so startling they could only come from the nightmares of the insane. Brown and Pearce take the reader into the darkest corners of the madhouse in these tales that run the gamut from classic horror and science fiction to intense action and psychological terror. "Madmen's Dreams" is a peak at the inner workings of an unstable mind."

Sounds like one cool ass book.  The deadman might have to get himself a copy.  I'm always looking for a good book to read - and this may be it.



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