Dead Next Door DVD and Sequel Coming!


Our good friends over at Anchor Bay have finally gotten their hands on J.R. Bookwalters classic Dead Next Door and are fixing everything up. Here is what Anchor Bay has released officially.

Bookwalter is personally supervising an extensive remastering of THE DEAD NEXT DOOR from the original Super-8mm film elements, complete with a 5.1 surround remix and a long list of all-new extras documenting the film’s 20-year history. “This will be what I like to call the ‘proper burial’ of this film,” Bookwalter laughs. “When this work is finished, all that will be left to do is to answer the fans’ other question and get that sequel made at long last.”

Anchor Bay expects the feature-packed DEAD NEXT DOOR Special Edition DVD to arrive during the first quarter of 2005 at a collectible price.

Dread Central also heard from a fan that attended the first screening of the film in its restored glory. According to him the script for Dead Next Door 2 is finished and is on the way to being made. At first it was hard to get funding but due to the popularity of Romeros film being remade and the popularity of zombie films he finally got the money.

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