Shinya Tsukamoto talks "Tetsuo" Sequel

Shinya Tsukamoto recently confirmed that "yes" he is interested in making another sequel to "Tetsuo: The Iron Man" and that "this time I might have American co-producers. Itīll be a throwback to my first films, and you can expect to see a flying Tetsuo."

Now concerning the story for Tetsuo 3, all Shinya had to say was "Well, Iīm not even sure what itīll be about yet, but I can tell you this time the main theme will be war."

If your unfamilar with the "Tetsuo: The Ironman" your in luck, the first two films will be reissued onto DVD this year by Tartan Video this June.

Here is a synopsis of the first two films:

Tetsuo: The Ironman -  A visually arresting and highly disturbing urban flight of fancy from Japanese auteur Tsukamoto, who also starred, wrote, shot, and edited. A buttoned-up Japanese commuter accidentally rams his car into a cyberpunky "metal fetishist" (Tsukamoto) whose jollies include transplating metal parts into his body. After this encounter, the businessman begins inexplicably transforming into a metal man-machine, and soon finds himself merging identities (and bodies) with the similarly mechanized fetishist.

Tetsuo II: Bodyhammer -  A slick revisioning of the "mechanization of man" themes introduced by Tsukamoto in the more meditative, chiraoscuro "Tetsuo: The Iron Man." Here, the Iron Man is a well-heeled, sedate Japanese businessman whose literal transition into metal, precipitated by the abduction of his son by punks, finds him taking the form of a human weapon--complete with a collapsible chest cannon and an assault rifle for an arm. As with its predecessor, most of the storytelling is done with grotesque, surreal imagery rather than with conventional narrative.


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