All Prettied Up


All Prettied Up, a chapbook of three short stories by horror author Elizabeth Blue is due to be released from Naked Snake Press on Friday, March 25. It is available now for pre-order at Naked Snake's website: and will be available through the Shocklines online bookstore and Project Pulp on March 25th.

All Prettied Up includes these stories:

  • "Cemetery Dogs" - A young man is bitten by a mysterious stray dog who hangs
    around the cemetery
  • "The River Snake" - All these years Carson has thought the River Snake was nothing but a myth, a means for parents to keep kids from misbehaving, but she was wrong
  • "Homer and Opaleen" in which Homer, who despises his wife, Opaleen, plots to kill her in the most creative way possible.

Cover and interior artwork is by Lauren Curtis.

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