30 Disc Godzilla Final Box Set!

This is by far the largest most insane box set I have EVER seen. It includes every Godzilla movie ever, except Godzilla Final Wars. But even though it doesn't include that movie it still makes space for it so when it comes out you can just slide it into its place. Now I don't know about the rest of you but in America companies don't do this. They would make us buy the whole set over again so we could fit another DVD in it.

Along with all the DVDs you get two bonus discs packed with new features previously unreleased on Region 2 DVD (some leftovers from the old Laser Disc releases that never made it onto the original Region 2 releases), including the popular "Godzilla Fantasia" films. Each set also comes with a booklet containing posters and information about the film history, and a huge replica of the 1954 Godzilla suit head sculpted by GMK suit designer Fuyuki Shinada.

Tokyo Monsters also has a really cool 13 minute promotional video for the set.

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