DVD Releases worth Mentioning


Theres always DVDs being released but usually you have to wade through all the crap to find the good stuff. Well I'm going to cut that step out for you and post the good ones up here.

The first DVD that caught my eye is Sky High. This film is directed by Ryuhei Kitamura, the man behind Versus. In this film he adds more of a horrific twist and people hearts get cut out. Now you can't go wrong with that.

Next up is the Tartan Release of "A Tale of Two Sisters". This is by far the best Korean horror film I have ever seen. It is definetly worth your time and if you are even considering picking up an Asian horror film, this should be the one.

Lastly is the "Toxic Avenger 21st Anniversary DVD". Now I am not much of a fan of Troma films but this Toxic Avenger is welcome in my DVD collection. Some of the bonus' for this DVD are:

- Numerous Fan projects including cartoons, original short films, re-inactments and many more!

- Scenes from the hit stage show Toxic Avenger Musikill!

-Interviews with original cast members Robert Prichard, Dan Snow and Mitch Cohen, the original Toxie! - A rare and highly anticipated on-camera Interview with Michael Herz, Vice President of Troma and Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger!

-Make Your Own Damn Movie film school in a box!

-Toxie in Africa!

-Original theatrical trailers For The Toxic Avenger, parts 1 through 4

- All featured in Tro-morphic Widescreen

So there ya go. All the DVDs that are worth checking out. If I had to suggest picking up just one of them, I would definitely say "A Tale of Two Sisters". Its a really smart horror film that has a great twist in it. Next week I'll have another list of DVDs that are deemed "Goon Approved"..


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