Morgan and Wong are Dreaming of a "Black Christmas"


Our friends over at Creature Corner got a bit of cool news concerning the upcoming remake of "Black Christmas."  Here's what C.C. had to report:

"Copperheart Entertainment, headed by Steven Hoban, is keeping busy after winning an Academy Award for its short animated film Ryan with the setting up of the remake of Bob Clark’s seminal 1970s horror film Black Christmas with Los Angeles-based 2929 Productions. Alone with Copperheart, the deal was negotiated by Victor Solnicki Productions and Memento Pictures of Toronto and Adelstein-Parouse Productions of Los Angeles."

"James Wong and Glen Morgan, the writer-producer-director team behind many of The X-Files episodes and feature films such as Final Destination, The One and Willard, will write Black Christmas and Morgan will direct."

Nice.. very nice.  We will continue to keep our eyes on the progress of this film, cause I'm very curious on how this will all play out. 

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