"Silent Hill" - Filming Update


Movies Online recently got in touch with on of their contacts concerning an update to Christopher Gan's "Silent Hill" movie and here is how everything is going down - so far.

"I contacted our scooper in the know. The big man replied to let us know that yes the film is still going ahead in Canada but not just in Toronto. Filming will be done in Toronto and two other cities around Toronto which I refuse to name so the set doesnt get SWAMPED with fans when they do start shooting.

Crews have been working on the film for the last 5 weeks but its pre-production. No shooting has been done of any kind since apparently their is still no cast. The shooting date has also been pushed back another week from the end of April.

Our insider tells us they are having a hard time finding a cast since the movie is dark and very gritty. We would expect as much from a movie based on the Silent Hill Game. To me I find it surprising that no major leads are willing to step up to the plate. Christopher Gans made a masterpiece in Brotherhood of the Wolf and the Silent Hill Franchise is a great opportunity for an A list star to play out of character. I dont know why people are so scared to do gritty horror films.

He also says they are talking to Carrie Ann Moss to play one of the leads, and "the Blonde from Pitch Black".. He couldnt remember her name and honestly as I am writing this neither can I. I think that Carrie Ann Moss would kick some serious ass in this film. Firstly she is a babe bringing major sex appeal and secondly she is extremely talented... stay tuned on this one. As we hear more we will let you know."

With how quickly things change and how "fluid" the movie business is you can expect things to take shape rather quickly.  We will continue to keep an eye out for more Silent Hill news and btw Movies Online, the "blonde from Pitch Black" is Radha Mitchell.  :)

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