Dark Water Release Moved Up


Buena Vista Pictures has decided to move Dark Water up a entire month to July 8th where it will fight for the number one spot against "Fantastic Four". The announcement was made by the president of Buena Vista Chuck Viane. The film is being directed by Walter Salles and stars Jennifer Conelly.

This movie is a remake of a really good Japanese film of the same name. It was directed by none other than Hideo Nakata. I thought it was rather funny that in The Ring Two he took elements from Dark Water and put them in that movie. This move is really unexplainable. Why would you risk opening up against a giant movie like Fantastic Four with this film? Well Viane explains his actions when they announced the move.

"After viewing a recent cut of 'Dark Water,' we were completely blown away by this amazing and powerful film. We felt that it had tremendous across-the-board appeal, and every potential to become one of the big summer films. A July release date seemed like the ideal time to reach the widest possible audience. This film stands apart from the competition, and Jennifer Connelly gives a terrific performance. It has an engaging and intelligent script, great direction, and performances that set it apart from most other films in this genre. Summer moviegoers from teens to adults are going to love 'Dark Water' and July 8th is the perfect playdate."

Come July we'll have to see who wins the box office when Dark Water faces off with Fantastic Four.

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