Exclusive: Reggie Bannister talks Phantasm and More

Last night I attended Cinema Wasteland in Cleveland where Reggie Bannister spoke about his upcoming projects. Mostly independent features like Cemetery Gates and Dead Things. But he also mentioned a larger picture that he is doing called Mangler Reborn. He said it will be much closer to Stephen Kings original vision of The Mangler.

Now onto what most of you are waiting for, Phantasm. He mentioned everything we already know. That New Line has bought the franchise rights to Phantasm and he mentioned that they are very interested in keeping the story intact. He also said that Don Coscarelli is going to stay on and Executive produce the project. He also said that as it stands it is understood that Angus Scrimm and himself will be in the project. Another name that he heard being thrown around was Bruce Campbell.

After he answered a couple more questions we were treated to a 16mm screening of Phantasm. Not often do you get to see some of the classic films in their orginal form. 

Nothing has been put in ink between him and New Line but he has been keeping in touch with the project. It also sounds like it won't be a remake but just something to wrap up the franchise. We'll have to see in the coming months how the project unfolds.    

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