Goons DVD Release Guide


I'm back again to point all of you in the right direction this week on where to find the best DVDs being released soon. Last installment I mentioned "A Tale of Two Sisters", "Toxic Avenger Re Release", and "Skyhigh". Well this week it was even easier to pick apart the goodies from the rotten releases.

Let me start out with the Amittyville Horror Collection. This bad boy has 4 discs. Amittyville one through 3 and a bonus disc with a "terrifying" look at the story behind the franchise. This is my favorite part though, you also get a free movie ticket to go see the Amittyville Horror Remake. Thats always a plus in my book. It only set you back around $30 but with the free ticket its more like $20 if you plan to see the movie anyway.

Next up is a barley seen Bruce Campbell film from 1988, Intruder. It was directed by Scott Spiegel and stars Sam Raimi, Ted Raimi, and of course Bruce. The basic premise for the movie is that after hours at a grocery store things start to get crazy when people start droppin. Thats really all you need to know about any movie starring Bruce. This one is much cheaper and I have seen it on Amazon for around $11.

Well there you go slackjaws.. This addition of Goons Approval is over.. Don't forget to head out tomorrow and pick up one of these DVDs, they're both worth it.

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