"Soft for Digging" gets a DVD Release Date

J.T. Petty.  Remember the name, cause he's one director that has been flying under the rader, but not for long, especially after the release of his next two films (Splinter Cell and The Burrowers) are released. 

I first discovered him in the direct to video release of Mimic 3: Sentinel and I have to say that I was blown away by his directorial skills and visual style.  I was so impressed with his work that after watching the film, I re-watched it again, but this time with the directors commentary on - and I never do that.

So I was pleasntly suprised to see that his first film, "Soft for Digging" has finally gotten a DVD release.  Vanguard Cinema will be handling the release and so far none of the disc specs are known, but the DVD will be released on May 31, 2005. 

The synopsis for "Soft for Digging" is as follows:  "One morning, an old man wanders out into the woods in search for his runaway cat. He finds instead a child with no parents and a murder with no corpse."

I can't wait to check out, what should be a nice little gem.



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