New Indie Zombie Film - After Sundown

What do you get when you mix vampires with zombies?  Well, you get the soon to be released "ass kickin" indie zombie flick - "After Sundown."
After Sundown is being described as an:

"Action-packed story of a young woman who uncovers a dark secret. She is plunged into a gory battle with a predatory vampire from the American Old West, who has the power to create undead zombie slaves that assist him on his search for his vampire offspring. With the help of Texas locals, the woman ends the fight in a wild clash of vampires and zombies, sending the evil creatures straight to Hell!" 

*cranks up his AC/DC tune - Highway to Hell*.. After Sundown is directed by Christopher Abram and Michael Brown, and stars Susana Gibb, Reece Rios, Natali Jones, J. Christopher, Jamie Amaral, Joey Galt, Jeff Griffin and special guest star Jake Billingsley ("Survivor Thailand").

After Sundown will be a direct to video release, and is expected to be available early summer 2005.  You can check out the films official site here, but as of yet - no trailer is avaiable.  What's up with that?  Tease me with pics of zombies and hot chicks and no trailer.  Hopefully one will make it's way online (soon), and once it does, we'll have it.


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