Goons DVD Release Guide for 4/12

Hey I'm back! Time for some more DVD goodness. Last week I talked about Intruder and the Amityville Horror Collectors Box Set. Now this week things have gotten a lot harder because they include a lot of movies I have never seen. So this week I'm winging it!

Lets see the first title that looks half way decent is Dead Life directed by William Schotten. I've been keeping my eye on this release and I have heard several good things about it. First of all these will be the classic blue Romero zombies. So do not fear these are not the runnning variety.

The next release is one I'm sure you J-Horror fans will like, Memento Mori. Its a sequel to the "Whispering Corridors" franchise where a student discover a diary and people start to die. Well thats not the full story but its all you need to know for this movie to be fun.

Now this next DVD I'm simply mentioning because I love anthologies. I don't know whether or not its any good but how can you go wrong with a spin off of "Tales from the Hood"? Wait, don't answer that. Anyway this one is called "Street Tales of Terror" and basically three thugs beat up a homeless man who in turn tells them three tales of terror. Sounds interesting right?

Last and possibly least is a newer title that I'm sure most of you have seen, Suspect Zero. Once again I'm going this week blind having not seen any of these titles. But when I saw the trailer and the first 10 minutes of this movies I was impressed. Basically this is the story of a killer of serial killers, only this guy has psychic powers to lure them in. This release has a four-part featurette, commentary, and an alternate ending.

Alright that will wrap up another addition of Goons Approval.. or in this weeks case Goons Guesstimation. So did you run out and buy one of these titles and they sucked? Well warn us all and rate it in the movie pit! Til next week I'm out faster than Vanilla Ices glitter pants..


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