Day Watch Trailer!

We have had the Night Watch trailer available on our site for awhile now and we are following this movie as closely as possible. But, today the second part of the triology, Day Watch, has released a trailer. This movie is going to be "The Lord of the Rings", the "Matrix, or the "Star Wars" of the horror genre. Well, that maybe a stretch but this movie does look extremely cool. So check it out.

Before there was Day there was Night.. and this is the synopsis we are given for that film:

A thousand years ago two forces met on the battle field, the warriors of light and the army of darkness. As the battle raged, the two forces proved to be exactly balanced, and so a decision was made maintain that balance and the two sides came to an agreement that neither side would breach. And to enforce the agreement two watches were formed: the Day Watch and the Night Watch. The Night Watch is composed of the forces of good who work keep the forces of evil from breaching the agreement and vice versa. The watches continue today... Warriors of virtue (some are shape changers, others have less definable talents) who fight against rogue vampires, witches, etc. Both sides are usually invisible to normal people unless they choose to be seen, except for a few "others" who can see and interact with the immortals. And therein lies the instability, because the "others" also have the potential to become immortals and they can go toward either side. Plus, there is a prophecy of a "Great One" who will shift the balance, plunging the world into an era of light or darkness.

You can check out the official website for Night Watch here or you can scope out the trailer for Night Watch here.

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