When A Stranger Calls, Simon West Answers

I'm sure most of you know of this movie. If not you know the line "Ma'am the call is coming from inside the house!". Well it looks like that film, When A Stranger Calls, is going to get a facelift. At least this time, Michael Bay is not at the root of this one. This time it is Sony's Screen Gems who are talking to Simon West about helming the flick.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jake Wadewall is writing the screenplay. They are also reporting that a sequel is being worked on as well called "When A Stranger Returns". In the original 1979 film Carol Kane played a babysitter who was recieving calls from what she thought was the childrens parents asking her to "Check the Children". Later she discovers that the calls are actually being made by someone in the house.  

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