Raiders of the Damned is Coming!


Thanks to Movies Online I got word of another zombie movie coming our way. The past couple days has been all about zombie horror. I would thank movies like Dawn of the Dead Remake, 28 Days Later, and the Resident Evil franchise for this.

Raiders of the Damned is about A group of ex military specialists that are hired to rescue a scientist and his assistant whose helecopter is shot down behind zombie quarantien area. each soldier is given the chance to fight again or rot away in a shadow government holding facility wardened by a crazed mad man, lewis (RICHARD GRIECO). The world is tarnished in its post hulocaustic state and the war has just started ,only this time ,history will be defined by the living dead.

Sandra Davis from IDX who are handling the film had the following to say:

Its a small company producing Raiders of the Damned. This is what i can tell you, no smoke and mirrors. It stars richard greico(21 jumpstreet) Gary syrchia (tiger street,Silver city).  Raiders of the Damned is in its final post stages and a couple of distribution companys are already bitting at the bit for the initial screening.
I can let you know more as we get more info. I can say even though its a indie, Ive heard the music score and its produced by adam barber  and al morrelo who are the same guys that work with hans zimmer. The special effects are what kill me in this film which have been in the works since 2003.

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