Tony Todd not Cast for FD3


A few months ago I talked to Tony Todd about what was going on with Final Destination 3. At the time he didn't know much because they had just given him the heads up about the film. All he knew was that they were doing something with an amusement park and a possibilty of the film being in 3D.

Well it looks like now they have decided not to bring back the brooding mortician, "I like that character a great deal. [But] I kind of felt that even in both films, it kind of brought the movie to a stop. And I don't know what to do with that character, other than to make it that he's Death or some kind of goofy thing like that."

Well at least it makes sense and I understand what he means. The movie did seem to slow down the film a bit, but sometimes I think that is good thing to have in a film like Final Destination. But never fear, there is a rumor going around that Tony Todd might be playing Candyman again! If that doesn't come through though you can check him out in Shadow: Dead Riot.

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